Mantsinen HybriLift Cranes

Multi-pupose loading and unloading tool for road vehicles, locomotive wagons and ship.
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IBJ - Crane of the Year in 2015
Multi-purpose Crane with various attachments for any material or container loading and unloading operation.
Mantsinen Crane is able to load large loads (up to 50 tons) using various types of attachments. Container attachments, clamshell bucket, wood logs, steel billets, palletised goods, concrete blocks, waste and scrap, steel rolls and pincer attachmnets.

Mantsinen cranes work at high speads with great accuracies. See the video on the left and contact us as the official African Mantsinen Crane supplier and service agents.
High Speed Loading 
The Mantsinen HybriLift Cranes load and unload at high speeds. The video below gives an indication of a real time operation. Crane operators with crane operating licences are thoroughly trained on this easy to use machine that works intelligently with the operator.
The Mantsinen Crane comes in various sizes to accommodate various capacities and loading distances. Contact us to calculate the correct unit for your operation.

The operators cab is situated in such a manner that the operator is always in full view of the loading process and various positions for the operator crab can be set. Low diesel usage and electrical units also available.

Specialised units to work on rail or with wide track tyres are available.