Rail-Road, Rubber tyred shunting locomotives with
a massive shunting capacity of
600 - 6 000 tons  and even more when units
are coupled together

  1. Remote Controlled
    Remote Controlled
  2. On and Off Rail
    On and Off Rail
  3. Easily Transported
    Easily Transported
  4. Automatic Couplers
    Automatic Couplers
2x the traction - 
1/2 the ownership costs
Zephir shunting locomotives provide
2x the traction of traditional shunters with their specialised patented
Rubber Tyres and steel wheel combo.

2x the traction allows for a lighter, more efficient shunting locomotive to do the same operation as a traditional shunter
2x its size.
Bigger is NOT always better!
The latest Low Emission Compliant Engines give the best power to weight ration in the Rail world, doubling the capacity at half the ownership cost. 

This means that because we are able to provide a lighter and more efficient locomotive and the fuel and maintenance cost is half that of standard shunters
  • World Leader in Rubber Tyred Shunting Locomotives
  • Fitted with Air and Vacuum Brakes and AAR couplers (automatic)
  • Hardened Rail Wheels, enhanced traction performance
  • Railway short Circuiting System, front and rear
  • Black box to record unit's usage data
  • Traction anti slip
  • Remote Controlled
  • Airconditioning
  • 2nd Driver position